Student Services

Serving and Advising Students who are Planning to Pursue Higher Education, starting from 9th grade through graduation, with Passion and Integrity


Application for Admission

Universal Online Application

4SISSeal One Application, One Fee, for Multiple Institutions
4SISSeal Submit One Set of Copies of your Required Documents to be Distributed to all Institutions Applied for
4SISSeal Get up to date Information on Requirements for Admission and Application Deadlines for each Participating Institution

Educational Career Advisory

4SISSeal FREE Educational Career Planning Workshops
4SISSeal Independent Reviews on Local and Regional Institutions
4SISSeal Expert Panel of Professors, Current Students and Graduates of Local and Regional Institutions
4SISSeal Most up to date information on Admissions Requirements and Application Deadlines for Local and Regional Institutions

Concierge Service Student Enrollment Journey

4SISSeal Select the Institution that Best Fits your Future Career Plans
4SISSeal Pre-Qualify and Prepare to Meet Admissions Requirements Early
4SISSeal Apply and Submit all Required Documents and Prepare your Admission Portfolio
4SISSeal Get Admission Offers to Multiple Institutions
4SISSeal Finalize your Offer Selection and Accept Admission
4SISSeal Pay Deposit Fees for Local, Regional and International Institutions
4SISSeal Prepare to Finalize Registration and Enrollment

Full Service Boarding Assistance

4SISSeal Housing Advice and Assistance
4SISSeal Visa and Travel Services
4SISSeal Boarding for Local, Regional and International Institutions


Concierge Service Student Enrollment

School Services

Free Counseling Sessions and Workshops at your School Supplemented by Free Training Provided to School Counselors


Counseling Sessions and Workshops

Free Services to Local and Regional Schools

4SISSeal FREE Student Counseling Sessions
4SISSeal FREE Educational Career Planning Workshops
4SISSeal FREE Counselor Training Programs

Higher Education Services

Strategic, Scalable Solutions and Sustainable, Smart Services tailor made for Higher Education to Better Serve Current and Future Students

FREE OnCampus Workshop

Strategic Enrollment Management Evaluation and Assessment Workshop
One Full Day Workshop on your Campus or Location of Choice
100% FREE of Charge


Enterprise Resource Planning


Student Information Systems


Constituent Relationship Management


Strategic Enrollment Management


Student Management Solutions

Best of Class Solution Implementation

4SISSeal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
4SISSeal Student Information Systems (SIS)
4SISSeal Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)
4SISSeal Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)

Student Management Solutions

4SISSeal Student Risk Management and Retention
4SISSeal Student Service Management
4SISSeal Alumni Relationship Management

Information Technology Services

Scalable and Sustainable IT Solutions that Frees your Resources to Give your Students the Attention they Deserve

Business Process Management

4SISSeal Business Process Design
4SISSeal Business Process Optimization

Technology Management

4SISSeal Managed Services
4SISSeal Hosting Services
4SISSeal Call Center Services

Advisory Services

4SISSeal System Audit and Performance Analysis
4SISSeal Technology Audit and Performance Analysis
4SISSeal Business Process Audit and Efficiency Analysis


Automation and Business Process Optimization